Petal to the Metal

Today was filled with little projects for Beezus. First, we sanded down his rusty bits and gave them a new coat of paint (he needed it!). 3 cans of black rust-proofing paint later and he’s looking pretty lovely. After that, we took apart all of the petals, which ended up being more of a chore than it sounded. Fabric is difficult to remove when it rusts onto something! But we did it! Afterwards, we measured out a lovely little template for the new petals we’ll be making. Take a peek!


Now to order 12 yards of pink and purple spandex. Stay tuned.


Heart Transplant #1

So as it turns out, even benevolent bee saviors can have health issues. A few weeks ago, Beezus suddenly stopped running. What to do?!

Our first thought was that maybe his poor little batteries were tired. So we let him charge up for a while. No dice.

Next thought was an issue with some of the original wiring as some of it was fairly corroded. After a lot of fiddling around with the multimeter, we decided that wasn’t it either. Which left one last thing…

The motor. We set to work taking it apart, and determined that the brushes had burnt out and broke, and that the commutator was past being salvageable.


Fortunately the space where Beezus lives (NIMBY) can be a great place to find old parts, and SuperDave happened to have an old motor from another utility vehicle lying around. We just had to detach it from the axle. This actually ended up being more of an adventure than we had originally anticipated, but after a lot of tinkering and a lot of motor oil getting on basically everything, we managed to make it happen. Ta-Da!
Then came the process of putting the new(er) motor in Beezus. The replacement was slightly bigger, so making it fit was a bit of a challenge. Then came the process of trying to fit the chain back on. We had hoped to do this without taking everything apart, but no such luck. So off came the brake drum and the casing around the chain. Lots more tinkering. Lots more oil. Lots more fun tools.

Tinker time

Tinker time

Eventually, we got the motor in and connected! Then it was time to actually try to run the bee again. SO I pushed down on the gas pedal and… nothing. Wires were connected wrong. Oops! Tried again. AND IT WORKED! Sort of? We managed to get the motor running and wheels turning, but we ran into a slight issue. The new(er) motor had a bad bearing. Siiiiiigh. Well at least we’ll be ready for the next one!

More updates on heart transplant number 2 here soon!

Steampunk Masquerade Ball

Tonight we’ll bee back in action at one of our favorite events- the Steampunk Masquerade Ball at NIMBY! We’ll get to test out our new lights in the company of some of the best art cars, djs, and installations in the Bay Area. Even the Flaming Lotus Girls’ Serpent Mother will be there! We can’t wait to serve some honey up and get silly with all of you! Come say hi!11076275_673194376120073_7974816524177871038_n

Precompression was a great success!

Sweet Beezus. What a night. Smiles for miles over here.

We rolled into NIMBY at 3 and got Beezus all prettified and placed just in time for doors. The honey bar was stocked and we were so excited to share with all of you lovely people. What a success! We might so many wonderful new friends and shared our honey from around the world! San Francisco local honey was a favorite once again, and Morocco was a super big hit with it’s distinct flavors. We literally had people coming up saying that people told them to try the Moroccan honey! I can’t believe how much we went through. So ready to do it over and over again on the playa though.


Photo by Bluefox-


Photo by Bluefox-


Precompression 2014!

Beezus is honored and humbled to be a part of this year’s precompression in the Bay Area on June 14th! The event will be held at NIMBY, which has been Beezus’ home over the past year. Here’s the info as seen on the event page:

“Pack your shiny blinky powertools and join us for this multi-environment, indoor-outdoor, grease-monkey-to-glam, big art, downhome throwdown of artistically epic proportions! Burning Man and burners—from old school to new—are congregating at NIMBY and you can expect all the trappings you know and love: from big art, theme camps and mutant vehicles to fanciful and firey. This event at one of our community’s best loved art making spaces, brings the party to the ARTY in grand style!

Participating Artists and Groups Include: Airpusher, BAAAHS, The Alien Siege Machine, The Kraken, Maria Del Camino, Sugar Cubes, Alex Nolan’s Throw Bot, Grahmahs House, Live glasswork by NIMBY artists, Beezus Christ Super Car, Match Camp, Sextant Camp, and about a gazillion more Bay Area artist groups showcasing their work and joining forces in support of this memorable night.”

We’ll be slinging honey and hanging out with all of you lovely bee-ings, so come play! Here’s a link to tickets:



Welding and Templates

Another solid day under our belt! Thanks to my wonderful friend Paul “Savage,” we were able to finish weld nearly everything on the car. Beezus 010

The only remaining welding projects are re-welding the seat on the inside of the car, and the steering column. We’re holding off on the steering column until we get it placed exactly where we want it. A comfortable drive is key!

While Savage was hard at work on the welding, Beeker and I made some templates for fabric! Something like 10 panels in all to cover the outside- a combination of spandex and fur. Now it’s time to start sourcing for good deals!

Beezus 005 Beezus 014

The structural part of Beezus is nearing completion! Then, it’s on to all of the pretty stuff (fabric, lights, sound, etc). Huzzah! Next week: carpentry!

Welding the Floor

So this weekend, we didn’t get as much welding done as I had hoped. My friend and master welder was injured, and is out of commission for a while. I had been scrambling around for a bit to find a welder to at least help with the floor beams, since we needed that to happen before we could start putting the floor panels in. Luckily, a fellow NIMBY tenant named Gary offered to help! We spent some time measuring, cutting, and angle grinding the beams to make sure everything was solid. And then- welding! We didn’t get past the floor beams since his welder isn’t quite heavy duty enough, but hey! Progress! Since it was just 2 of us, no pictures this week. We’ll have some more next time though!