We wrapped up our Indiegogo campaign at 133% of our goal! We are bee-yond humbled by the massive amount of support we’ve received. We couldn’t do this without all of our bee-leivers, and we’re buzzing with excitement to move forward. Now that the campaign is over, here’s what’s next:

– We’ve already purchased lights, fabric, and motor parts, and are currently sourcing new ramps/other materials. We’re still hoping to rebuild the old motor by installing new brushes and should be testing out the ones we had made in the near future. Cross your antennae!

-We’ve started work on all of your fabulous rewards! Materials are en route and we should be all set to get your gifts out to everyone by August!

Two months until we hit the playa! See you all in the dust!

Massive Hugs,
Smallfry and the Beezus team


The Indiegogo is LIVE!

Alright, friends!

The time has come. For the past 2 years we’ve been rocking Beezus on the playa. This year, we’re launching another Indiegogo campaign to help make him even better! We’re re-doing all of the lights to fancy him up a bit, creating a second iteration of the flower petals, and doing some major repair work (see: new motor, drive system). And we need YOU to make this happen! SO check out our campaign. Donate if you can. Share if you can’t. Either way, let’s DO THIS!


The Beezus team


And We’re LIVE!

Hey there, bee-lievers!

As of this morning, the Indiegogo campaign for Beezus is officially up and running! In true Burning Man fashion, we’re totally late to the party. But check it out! Watch the video, take a look at our sweet rewards, donate if you can, and share with your friends. let’s make this year even better than the last!

Dusty Hugs,