Precompression was a great success!

Sweet Beezus. What a night. Smiles for miles over here.

We rolled into NIMBY at 3 and got Beezus all prettified and placed just in time for doors. The honey bar was stocked and we were so excited to share with all of you lovely people. What a success! We might so many wonderful new friends and shared our honey from around the world! San Francisco local honey was a favorite once again, and Morocco was a super big hit with it’s distinct flavors. We literally had people coming up saying that people told them to try the Moroccan honey! I can’t believe how much we went through. So ready to do it over and over again on the playa though.


Photo by Bluefox-


Photo by Bluefox-


Bee-Compression 2013!

Yesterday we shook off the dust and brought Beezus back out to San Francisco for San Francisco’s Decompression. How was it? Pretty awesome. 

The day officially began around noon. Beezus was fashionably late to the party thanks to football traffic on the bridge (boo!), but setting up with the crowd beginning to arrive made things all the more entertaining! Lucky for us Paul from NIMBY was such a trooper and Super Dave (our placer) was an absolute gem. Once Beezus was fully dressed, we busted out the honey! ImageTechnically we weren’t supposed to be serving (health code. psh.), but no law will prevent us from spreading the word of our lord and savior! From then until sundown, we shared honey with the masses. Beezus made lots of new fans that day, including several little ones! ImageImageEarly on we were graced with the presence of Poppy and her parents. They hung out inside for a while, and she left us with a great big heart-melting hug! We had several other adorable kiddos hang out and bounce around on Beezus’ squishy insides. One even helped us man the honey bar for a bit! 

As the day wore on, we had all sorts of visitors. Some had heard of Beezus and came to show their support, while others were just couldn’t say no to a little honey! The local San Francisco and Hungarian forest honeys seemed to be the favorites of the day. Beezus was full of snuggles, hugs, and giggles all afternoon. He was quite the hit! We even got asked to be a part of Earth Day San Francisco in April, which we’re pretty darn excited about. Even though we mostly closed up shop by the time the sun went down, Beezus was a little sanctuary for the remainder of the event. And we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Our day was filled with honey, hugs, and friends new and old. Thank you to everyone that came and hung out with us for a while. Thank you to everyone who helped with transport, set-up, serving, and tear down. Thank you to everyone who had some honey. You guys are the best!

Out of the Dust…

Whoa. What a ride! We have officially returned from the wonderous place that is Black Rock City. It was so much more than we could have ever asked for, and beyond anything I could ever attempt to explain. But here are a few of the highlights.

1. The drive- not so much a highlight, but definitely an adventure. Planned to leave at 5. Actually left NIMBY at midnight. 20 minutes into the drive we’re on the side of the road when the tarp ripped off. But thanks to a special delivery from some friends some rope and extra ratchet straps saved the day!BM ot 13 009

2. Registration! We made it happen. Check out those stickers.BM ot 13 043

3. Honey! We had honey offerings from burners in California, Colorado, Utah, Ireland, and Ireland while we were on playa (not to mention all of the awesome honey donations before we got out there!). It was pretty darn humbling, and people seemed to love it!BM ot 13 049

4. Mead!- Mead was a hit! Came out with 21 gallons of it. The apple-pear-clove and orange-ginger seemed to be the favorite. I even met and shared mead with a few other mead-makers on the playa! I now have a bottle of mead from 2004 that I’m quite looking forward to. Here’s one of our lovely patronsBM ot 13 114

5. Cruising- It’s a whole new experience riding on top of a bee. Everyone should try it. Just sayin. We even made some bee friends! They gave us kazoos!BM ot 13 051 BM ot 13 059


6. The bee swarm!- We went out to serve honey and mead by the man one day in the early evening. Shortly after we showed up, a few bee people came over. We were pumped.They asked if we were there for the bee swarm. It turns out we showed up at the perfect time for a swarm of probably 100 bees! We swarmed the man and celebrated with honey and mead. It was pretty glorious. And the film crew managed to get it on camera! We can’t wait to see the footage.BM ot 13 100


There were so many other moments that are impossible to really explain. But no matter what, we know this: Beezus loves you. We’ll see you next year!!!BM ot 13 214

Making Our First Batch of Mead

So in the process of finding donors for honey, I ended up getting an email from a fellow Bay Area resident who happens to make mead. Fantastic! We managed to coordinate a day, and he and I went to his office to get started! First he showed me his bees out back. SO awesome!

mead! 001Then, it was time to get to work. After sampling a few meads of course! We decided to make a few different types- lavender, orange/grapefruit/cinnamon, blackberry, and plain. mead! 006 mead! 004 mead! 008 mead! 010

The process was actually surprisingly simple! Heat water. Add honey. Cool in cold water bath. Add nutrients. Pour into fermenters. DONE. And now, we wait. I can’t wait to try them! In the next few weeks, we should be starting another few batches. Hoping to bring out about 20 gallons. mead! 029


Honey Donations!

Phew! Sorry for the delay in posting, bee-sciples! We took a little vacation there. Great news! As some of you may have seen, we made it into the Burning Man e-newsletter (Jack Rabbit Speaks). Here’s the quote:

“My name’s Smallfry, and I could use your help on a project. I’m building a bumblebee mutant vehicle to bring to the playa this year by the name of Beezus Christ Super Car. Born in the land of Dust and Honey, Beezus comes before you bringing sweet salvation! He will be equipped with a honey bar at the back where we will be serving honey to weary travelers. We’d like to have flights featuring honey from Burners all around the world! If you’re a beekeeper or know someone who is, we’d love to have a jar of yours to share with everyone! Drop us a line at, and put ‘Beezus’ in the headline so we don’t miss it.


And check these out for more info or to see how we’re doing: “

Over the past few days, we’ve gotten several emails from burners all over the place! Lots from California and other parts of the United States, but it’s looking like we’ll also have honey from around the world! So far, we’ve got honey set to come in from Africa, London, Ireland, Brazil, and New Zealand! We’re buzzing with excitement over here! Can’t wait for the first jars to arrive!

Later this month, we should have more fundraising details for you all. Expect a Kickstarter and info on some events in June coming your way!



What the…

So I was talking with a friend of mine, and he said it might be good for me to tell you all a little about myself and what on Earth Beezus is. So here’s a little bit of an intro Q & A:

What is Beezus?
Beezus is a mutant vehicle that I’m building for this year’s burning man. I’m essentially taking an old utility cart and building in out into a giant fuzzy bee. Inside will be a little lounge space and a honey bar (yes, honey bar!) accessible from the back. We’re hoping to have honey tastings with honey from all over the world, and probably a little mead for those late night cruises as well!
Why do you want to do this?
After this past year’s burn, I was pretty much dead set on building an art car. I like projects, and it’s something I’ve never done before. Plus, it gives me a new way to interact and share with the Burning Man community.
How did you get the idea?
The bee idea came from when I was initially looking at vehicles to turn into an art car. I stumbled upon an amazing black and yellow cart on Craigslist, and decided I HAD to make a bee! I ended up not getting that particular cart, but the idea has stuck in my brain. I’ve always had an affinity for bees. I used to want to have one as a pet and tie it to a string. But now I get to ride around on one!
It has a honey bar?
Yes’m. The original inspiration for that part came partially from a conversation with a friend, and partially from a wonderful camp called Homebrew 4A Homebrew that has a honey tasting afternoon every year at Burning Man. We’re hoping to get honey donated from all over!
Why the name?
My friend Jessica actually came up with it. I was having a little trouble coming up with a name that fit, so I asked my friends! As soon as she said it, I fell in love. Not only is it hilarious, but it fits pretty well with 2013’s theme of Cargo Cult. It leaves the floor wide open for endless bee jokes and lots of pokes at organized religion. Just how I like it!
How can I contribute? 
We’ll be hosting various fundraisers in the future. A Kickstarter is also in the works, which will be linked to this page. If you’d like to donate time, money, or materials outside of that, just drop me a line!
And so you know, this is me:
I feel like we’re bonding. Cheers!