And We’re LIVE!

Hey there, bee-lievers!

As of this morning, the Indiegogo campaign for Beezus is officially up and running! In true Burning Man fashion, we’re totally late to the party. But check it out! Watch the video, take a look at our sweet rewards, donate if you can, and share with your friends. let’s make this year even better than the last!

Dusty Hugs,




Out of the Dust…

Whoa. What a ride! We have officially returned from the wonderous place that is Black Rock City. It was so much more than we could have ever asked for, and beyond anything I could ever attempt to explain. But here are a few of the highlights.

1. The drive- not so much a highlight, but definitely an adventure. Planned to leave at 5. Actually left NIMBY at midnight. 20 minutes into the drive we’re on the side of the road when the tarp ripped off. But thanks to a special delivery from some friends some rope and extra ratchet straps saved the day!BM ot 13 009

2. Registration! We made it happen. Check out those stickers.BM ot 13 043

3. Honey! We had honey offerings from burners in California, Colorado, Utah, Ireland, and Ireland while we were on playa (not to mention all of the awesome honey donations before we got out there!). It was pretty darn humbling, and people seemed to love it!BM ot 13 049

4. Mead!- Mead was a hit! Came out with 21 gallons of it. The apple-pear-clove and orange-ginger seemed to be the favorite. I even met and shared mead with a few other mead-makers on the playa! I now have a bottle of mead from 2004 that I’m quite looking forward to. Here’s one of our lovely patronsBM ot 13 114

5. Cruising- It’s a whole new experience riding on top of a bee. Everyone should try it. Just sayin. We even made some bee friends! They gave us kazoos!BM ot 13 051 BM ot 13 059


6. The bee swarm!- We went out to serve honey and mead by the man one day in the early evening. Shortly after we showed up, a few bee people came over. We were pumped.They asked if we were there for the bee swarm. It turns out we showed up at the perfect time for a swarm of probably 100 bees! We swarmed the man and celebrated with honey and mead. It was pretty glorious. And the film crew managed to get it on camera! We can’t wait to see the footage.BM ot 13 100


There were so many other moments that are impossible to really explain. But no matter what, we know this: Beezus loves you. We’ll see you next year!!!BM ot 13 214


The Kickstarter has officially ended as of late this morning. We surpassed our goal, and I am in awe of the amount of support that I recieved on this project. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that believed in me enough to donate. I couldn’t have done this without you…

Thank you Michelle MacEachern Lunde
Thank you Barbara Lessans
Thank you Dave Gertler
Thank you Sue Baker
Thank you Peter Nyvall
Thank you Joshua Coffy
Thank you Lisa Beutler
Thank you Brooke Welty
Thank you Bjorn Mead
Thank you Gabbi Thomas
Thank you Will Benson
Thank you Evan Huffman
Thank you Joel Parker Henderson
Thank you Douglas Kauffman
Thank you Max Talan
Thank you Jessica Waters
Thank you Katherine Smith
Thank you Jabali Wamwala
Thank you Madeline Murrap
Thank you Ricardo Alaya
Thank you Edward Zink
Thank you Michelle Klamm
Thank you Richard Hughes
Thank you Julie Burkett
Thank you Leslie O’Bray
Thank you Daniel Jabbour
Thank you Karen
Thank you Katherine Becvar
Thank you Chris Kleinknecht
Thank you Jay Gregory
Thank you Kevin Meissner
Thank you Matt Kaftor
Thank you Kim Stribling
Thank you Amy Bot
Thank you Jesse McGee
Thank you Pani Page
Thank you Zack Sheppard
Thank you Kailey Offerman
Thank you Zack Orion
Thank you Carly Carpenter
Thank you Patrick Corrigan
Thank you Simon Bradbury
Thank you Envy Protege
Thank you Kayla Ormandy
Thank you Carl Coakley
Thank you Guywire
Thank you Trevor Mead
Thank you Tasha Johnson
Thank you Loren Hill
Thank you Abhik Shah
Thank you Jennifer Whalen
Thank you Patrapp
Thank you Daniel Valencia Backhoff
Thank you Vladimir
Thank you Abe Levine
Thank you Michael Schulte
Thank you Alex Cramer
Thank you Cheri Lewis
Thank you JD Bergeron


You all made this Kickstarter happen! ❤

Bee-Cause: The Fundraiser!

Tuesday night was our fundraiser for Beezus. Leading up to that day was a lot of running around, borderline panic attacks, and general freaking out. But with a lot of help from a lot of amazing people, it all came together! Here’s the recap:

Before the show: More running around. Spent the morning picking up odds and ends before heading to the East Bay in the afternoon to bring the car over. Getting Beezus on a Uhaul trailer was no easy task, but thanks to the genius guys at NIMBY and my super patient friends we managed to make it happen! I somehow drove Beezus and the trailer over the Bay Bridge into San Francisco without any accidents! I may have had a friend do the parking, and I might have cried a little before the drive, but I did it!

At the venue: Once we made it to F8, it was setup time! We had an hour to get ready, so my friends helped me hang all of the art pieces and put up the auction bid sheets. My friend Chris took charge of setting up the food in the back. He’s brilliant. He made pulled-pork sandwiches, honey bacon cheesecake bites, and baklava. AND we had miss Leslie bring us some fantastic home made cookies! We finally got set up just in time.

THE SHOW!: We had a blast! I was running all over the place, but over the course of the night we had tons of fun. We had music from GoNZoFuZe, Bedrockk, VitaminDevo, and Dj Alarm, delicious treats all night, laughter, dancing, art, and general shenanigans. We sold half of the art, had about 100 people come through, and raised over $1000 towards our lord and savior!

The aftermath: We parked Beezus by the bay and went to sleep for a few hours. We came back in the morning to take him home, but lo and behold the trailer had a flat! Luckily Chris and I had just gotten coffee, so we were able to enjoy it peacefully while we waited. Eventually we were able to get him unloaded at NIMBY and made it home safe. And I slept. HARD.

I am so beyond appreciative for everyone that helped. Joshua, Atlas, Jo, Chris, Leslie, Hilda, Billy, Devo, Or, Dave, Willis, Jen, Wendy, Kerri Ann, Iswari, Jon, Mike, Annie, Artie, Sam, Camille, Rafael and everyone else who made that night amazing!

Honey Donations!

Phew! Sorry for the delay in posting, bee-sciples! We took a little vacation there. Great news! As some of you may have seen, we made it into the Burning Man e-newsletter (Jack Rabbit Speaks). Here’s the quote:

“My name’s Smallfry, and I could use your help on a project. I’m building a bumblebee mutant vehicle to bring to the playa this year by the name of Beezus Christ Super Car. Born in the land of Dust and Honey, Beezus comes before you bringing sweet salvation! He will be equipped with a honey bar at the back where we will be serving honey to weary travelers. We’d like to have flights featuring honey from Burners all around the world! If you’re a beekeeper or know someone who is, we’d love to have a jar of yours to share with everyone! Drop us a line at, and put ‘Beezus’ in the headline so we don’t miss it.


And check these out for more info or to see how we’re doing: “

Over the past few days, we’ve gotten several emails from burners all over the place! Lots from California and other parts of the United States, but it’s looking like we’ll also have honey from around the world! So far, we’ve got honey set to come in from Africa, London, Ireland, Brazil, and New Zealand! We’re buzzing with excitement over here! Can’t wait for the first jars to arrive!

Later this month, we should have more fundraising details for you all. Expect a Kickstarter and info on some events in June coming your way!