So Pink!

New petals are under construction! We cut and sewed our first test petal the other day with our good friends at Praxis, a wonderful local clothing store! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much pink fabric at one time!


We sewed them with a Serger machine, which will allow the petals to properly stretch and fit over the frames. We decided to test out using velcro as a closure at the end of the petal so that the cover can still fit over the widest part. And they turned out amazing!


Now to sew 12 more…


We wrapped up our Indiegogo campaign at 133% of our goal! We are bee-yond humbled by the massive amount of support we’ve received. We couldn’t do this without all of our bee-leivers, and we’re buzzing with excitement to move forward. Now that the campaign is over, here’s what’s next:

– We’ve already purchased lights, fabric, and motor parts, and are currently sourcing new ramps/other materials. We’re still hoping to rebuild the old motor by installing new brushes and should be testing out the ones we had made in the near future. Cross your antennae!

-We’ve started work on all of your fabulous rewards! Materials are en route and we should be all set to get your gifts out to everyone by August!

Two months until we hit the playa! See you all in the dust!

Massive Hugs,
Smallfry and the Beezus team

Petal to the Metal

Today was filled with little projects for Beezus. First, we sanded down his rusty bits and gave them a new coat of paint (he needed it!). 3 cans of black rust-proofing paint later and he’s looking pretty lovely. After that, we took apart all of the petals, which ended up being more of a chore than it sounded. Fabric is difficult to remove when it rusts onto something! But we did it! Afterwards, we measured out a lovely little template for the new petals we’ll be making. Take a peek!


Now to order 12 yards of pink and purple spandex. Stay tuned.

Steampunk Masquerade Ball

Tonight we’ll bee back in action at one of our favorite events- the Steampunk Masquerade Ball at NIMBY! We’ll get to test out our new lights in the company of some of the best art cars, djs, and installations in the Bay Area. Even the Flaming Lotus Girls’ Serpent Mother will be there! We can’t wait to serve some honey up and get silly with all of you! Come say hi!11076275_673194376120073_7974816524177871038_n

Let There Bee Lights! (Again!)

We’re back to it! Beezus is out of hibernation and we’re buzzing along getting him gussied up for another year on the playa. Our first goal this year was to outfit him with new fancy lights. The past 2 years we’ve had simple rope light strands, so we figured it was upgrade time. We decided to go with RGB LED lights. We ended up going against individually addressable ones (they were a little excessive for what we were looking for), but they’re still programmable and will be doing some lovely color fades! The stripes, flower petals, and grass will all have lights that will add a whole new dimension to our lovely little bee. Here’s some shots of the process!

Oh, and stay tuned for lots more! We’ll be ramping up a new fundraising campaign here soon!

Jumper and Levity doing some team soldering

Jumper and Levity doing some team soldering

Smallfry fixing some wires up top

Smallfry fixing some wires up top

Jumper looking super fancy

Jumper looking super fancy

What a Burn!

Beezus, that was a good one! It’s been a week since we’ve returned, and the dust is finally settling. Thanks to our Indiegogo supporters, we were able to give him a fancy new flower, a sound system, and flapping wings! We served more honey than ever this year, and Beezus buzzed around like a champ. He was even a witness in the wedding of a few wonderful friends from the Bay! We can’t wait to make him even better next year.

IMG_3744 IMG_3754