Out of the Dust…

Whoa. What a ride! We have officially returned from the wonderous place that is Black Rock City. It was so much more than we could have ever asked for, and beyond anything I could ever attempt to explain. But here are a few of the highlights.

1. The drive- not so much a highlight, but definitely an adventure. Planned to leave at 5. Actually left NIMBY at midnight. 20 minutes into the drive we’re on the side of the road when the tarp ripped off. But thanks to a special delivery from some friends some rope and extra ratchet straps saved the day!BM ot 13 009

2. Registration! We made it happen. Check out those stickers.BM ot 13 043

3. Honey! We had honey offerings from burners in California, Colorado, Utah, Ireland, and Ireland while we were on playa (not to mention all of the awesome honey donations before we got out there!). It was pretty darn humbling, and people seemed to love it!BM ot 13 049

4. Mead!- Mead was a hit! Came out with 21 gallons of it. The apple-pear-clove and orange-ginger seemed to be the favorite. I even met and shared mead with a few other mead-makers on the playa! I now have a bottle of mead from 2004 that I’m quite looking forward to. Here’s one of our lovely patronsBM ot 13 114

5. Cruising- It’s a whole new experience riding on top of a bee. Everyone should try it. Just sayin. We even made some bee friends! They gave us kazoos!BM ot 13 051 BM ot 13 059


6. The bee swarm!- We went out to serve honey and mead by the man one day in the early evening. Shortly after we showed up, a few bee people came over. We were pumped.They asked if we were there for the bee swarm. It turns out we showed up at the perfect time for a swarm of probably 100 bees! We swarmed the man and celebrated with honey and mead. It was pretty glorious. And the film crew managed to get it on camera! We can’t wait to see the footage.BM ot 13 100


There were so many other moments that are impossible to really explain. But no matter what, we know this: Beezus loves you. We’ll see you next year!!!BM ot 13 214