Let There Bee Light!

Another successful work weekend under our belts for the season. We got the lights working again!

Initially the plan had been to get new LED strips (RGB color change waterproof 12v). However, we decided it was smarter to try and get last year’s lights functional if at all possible. After investing in some new wire, clamps, and a soldering iron, we managed to get everything back online. We’ll be running the lights (and eventual sound) to a switch panel on the dash so that all of the controls are in one place. That should be arriving next week. So much excitement! Pics of it lit up at night coming soon!Image


Precompression 2014!

Beezus is honored and humbled to be a part of this year’s precompression in the Bay Area on June 14th! The event will be held at NIMBY, which has been Beezus’ home over the past year. Here’s the info as seen on the event page:

“Pack your shiny blinky powertools and join us for this multi-environment, indoor-outdoor, grease-monkey-to-glam, big art, downhome throwdown of artistically epic proportions! Burning Man and burners—from old school to new—are congregating at NIMBY and you can expect all the trappings you know and love: from big art, theme camps and mutant vehicles to fanciful and firey. This event at one of our community’s best loved art making spaces, brings the party to the ARTY in grand style!

Participating Artists and Groups Include: Airpusher, BAAAHS, The Alien Siege Machine, The Kraken, Maria Del Camino, Sugar Cubes, Alex Nolan’s Throw Bot, Grahmahs House, Live glasswork by NIMBY artists, Beezus Christ Super Car, Match Camp, Sextant Camp, and about a gazillion more Bay Area artist groups showcasing their work and joining forces in support of this memorable night.”

We’ll be slinging honey and hanging out with all of you lovely bee-ings, so come play! Here’s a link to tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/698232




Huzzah! We met our Kickstarter goal today! I am beyond humbled and grateful for everyone that supported this project. And guess what? We have time to spare! Let’s see if we can go beyond our initial goal to raise money towards Beezus’ transportation costs (around $800). We can do this!!!

Oh and here’s the link! http://kck.st/17skbNs

Helping Hands

Due to some unforseen circumstances, we had to call it on our build this weekend. A bit of a bummer, but these things happen! Luckily, this gave us a chance to get involved in another amazing playa project! Meet Hands!  https://www.facebook.com/handsburningman

These guys are building a set of two wooden hands standing 12 feet tall, positioned as if they are cradling something. Today, we focused our intentions on routing edges, sealing the pieces, and starting soldering the lighting. We made some pretty solid progress, too. Super inspiring to be a part of a different team. We definitely can’t wait to see these in action!

Beezus 034 Beezus 036 Beezus 042 Beezus 044