The Legend of Beezus

Hey everybody! Meet Beezus Christ, Super Car.

Born in the land of Dust and Honey, Beezus comes before you bringing sweet salvation. He is here to shelter you from the sin and suffering rampant in the city of Black Rock. As you wander lost through the desert, he offers you his flesh and blood in the form of honey and mead. Beezus has come to save you. He does not judge you.

But Really. Beezus is a giant bee art car that will be spreading the gospel and offering honey from around the world and mead to weary travelers. We may force you to join our cult and accept Beezus into your life. But hey, it’s a fair trade right?

Here’s a recent picture of our build process. He’s on the base of a Taylor-Dunn utility cart. Pretty burly!IMG_5844We’ve got a Kickstarter going, which you can find here:

Check it out! Donate if you can! And don’t forget to share it so we can share this with everyone out there! 


2 thoughts on “The Legend of Beezus

    • Hi Jess! There are a few options. If you live in the Bay Area, we can arrange a meetup. Otherwise, we can give you an address to mail it to or you can bring it to us on the playa! What’s most convenient?

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