Honey Donations!

Phew! Sorry for the delay in posting, bee-sciples! We took a little vacation there. Great news! As some of you may have seen, we made it into the Burning Man e-newsletter (Jack Rabbit Speaks). Here’s the quote:

“My name’s Smallfry, and I could use your help on a project. I’m building a bumblebee mutant vehicle to bring to the playa this year by the name of Beezus Christ Super Car. Born in the land of Dust and Honey, Beezus comes before you bringing sweet salvation! He will be equipped with a honey bar at the back where we will be serving honey to weary travelers. We’d like to have flights featuring honey from Burners all around the world! If you’re a beekeeper or know someone who is, we’d love to have a jar of yours to share with everyone! Drop us a line at beezuschristsupercar@gmail.com, and put ‘Beezus’ in the headline so we don’t miss it.


And check these out for more info or to see how we’re doing:
https://beezuschrist.wordpress.com “

Over the past few days, we’ve gotten several emails from burners all over the place! Lots from California and other parts of the United States, but it’s looking like we’ll also have honey from around the world! So far, we’ve got honey set to come in from Africa, London, Ireland, Brazil, and New Zealand! We’re buzzing with excitement over here! Can’t wait for the first jars to arrive!

Later this month, we should have more fundraising details for you all. Expect a Kickstarter and info on some events in June coming your way!




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